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This article was written on 31 Jan 2012, and is filled under Past Workshops.

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The Beatification of the Beat by Pantelis Bellis

The «Beatification of the Beat». The transformation of Rave Subculture to Clubculture and the Young Ravers who finally became Adult Clubbers.

«Everything starts with an email posted on the net between Ravers and ends, well, continues with a Dj performing live and sited down, after his movie premiere (where he plays the main role) and in front of thousands, just by using a controller and a laptop».

The scenes mentioned above, refer to communicational acts performed by members of a group with common ways of expression and communication, common interests, common identities and after all a common goal: the participation on an event where they can come together, communicate and dance to the music they love. Rave, Techno, House… in general… Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Music which is produced from sounds coming out from (virtual or not) synthesizers, samplers and drum machines and is mixed and arranged on a computer. The nature of this music combined with the ways of expression and communication of the people listening to, dance to or even producing it, refers to a dynamic and always developing or at least transforming subculture (the Rave Subculture) which is always highly depended on the latest achievements in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The Presentation is going to examine the Rave subculture or however nowadays the Club Culture, its relationship with the ICTs and its affection on the former «Ravers» identities and on the Club Scene in general. From Vinyl to digital downloading, from the analog synthesizers and the Turntables to the VSTs and Sample Packs, from the IRC Chat to facebook, from the secret warehouse Rave Parties to the Big Club Events in Ibiza, Berlin or London, from the Dj as a medium to the Dj as a Creator… Crazy Young Ravers who became Adult Clubbers and Adult Clubbers who want more and more from a Subculture which surely transforms into a «big and fat» Culture…