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Electronic music from a linguist’s aspect

Most of the previous research on musical terminology were confined to classical music. In the twenty-first century, it is necessary to separate the specific electronic music terminology. The individual discourse community of electronic music has […]

Feb, 11

The Beatification of the Beat by Pantelis Bellis

The «Beatification of the Beat». The transformation of Rave Subculture to Clubculture and the Young Ravers who finally became Adult Clubbers. «Everything starts with an email posted on the net between Ravers and ends, well, […]

Jan, 31

Bookings with Alexis Toumpouris

This discussion aims to give a brief explanation and understanding on how artists are booked to perform to an event. This will include all the necessary information and discussion on how the system works and […]

Jan, 21

Environment & Sound

Teams will be made with six members each at the maximum, who are going to record self-produced tones or sounds at a selected place in Berlin. At the same time, photos and videos will be […]

Jan, 09

Imaginary Soundscape & Live Electronic Music

1. Imaginary Soundscape – talking about electronic music pioneers This workshop aims to share historical content in form of theory + sound / audiovisual examples and to stimulate an open discussion among the participants which […]

Jan, 09


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