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The Beatification of the Beat by Pantelis Bellis

The «Beatification of the Beat». The transformation of Rave Subculture to Clubculture and the Young Ravers who finally became Adult Clubbers. «Everything starts with an email posted on the net between Ravers and ends, well, […]

Jan, 31

Antreas Papageorgiou (Greece)

Andis P is a DJ and Electronic Music Producer from Cyprus. Introduced himself in a broader audience only 6 years ago after the following of his Saxophone and Synthesizer Lessons. As he finished The Synthesizer […]

Aug, 21

Pete Bellis (Greece)

Pete Bellis was born in 1983 in Florina, a small town in Northern Greece. He had always have a special Relationship with Music; his first real direct contact though was in his 18 Years when […]

Aug, 08

Lia Belegaki (Greece)

Miss Belli was born in Thessaloniki and lived in Kastoria until the age of 19. Afterwards, she moved in Athens to study Business Administration and Hotel Management. She first “got involved” with music already from […]

Aug, 06

Deep and Deeper… to Berlin

The «Deep and Deeper» Team consists of 6 recognized and reputable Djs of the last decades Greek and not only House Music Scene. Its members Pete Bellis, Papageo Andis, Dj Pith, Elyctron, Dj Dizzee and […]

Aug, 05

Dizzee Loco (Greece)

Dizzee was born in Kastoria, a small Town in Northern Greece. His direct contact with music starts 13 years ago. All these Years and no other music Genre than House Music could make him feel the way […]

Aug, 04

Alexandros Bouras (Greece)

Alexandros Bouras(Alex Mpouras) was Born on 1988 in Ptolemaida, a small town in Northern Greece. His first direct contact with music starts on his 16 Years. The Groovey Sounds of House Music draw his attention […]

Aug, 03


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