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02.-08. June 2014 in NICOSIA / CYPRUS

Michael (IRELAND)

Michael Brophy A.K.A Michael Sound Syndicate is a DJ, producer & promoter, originally from Dublin, but based in Cork for the last 2 years. Here he has been a core member of the Shnare collective. […]

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Guitarist since 8 years old, born in the middle of music and theater, Nino quickly played into formations like punk, ska, acoustic and electronic music. Dice the creation of KTP Sound system he began to compose some […]

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WORKSHOP on using Tip Top Audio Modular System by Konstantin Gervis

1) Modular synthesis in general: history and various formats 2) Modern day modulars: the eurorack explosion, benefits of using modular synthesizer in a digital age 3) Tip Top Audio: detailed modules overview 4) Patching 5) […]

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Studio Environment – by Claudio Masso and Raffaele D’Ascanio

1. Basic sound physics (sound as mechanical wave) – Lecture and discussion 2. Human ear and his perception of sound (frequencies ranges) – Lecture and discussion 3. Rooms environment (reactions to sounds from different room […]

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Music Production Workshop using Logic Pro with George Ellinas

Workshop includes: 1)  Music Synthesis  / creating drum sounds, bass, pads etc. 2)  Sampling Sounds with the help from the participants. 3)  Getting together a drum groove and baseline, with some live jamming with synths. […]

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Aristodemos (CYPRUS)

Aristodemos, co-founder of Exotica Music Events and Essoterica, is an artist who can never stand still.  Whether it be in his DJ sets, or his general work within the industry, either as DJ, promoter, organizer […]

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